The March Divide's first contract with PartyHat in early 2016 and the start of a three-video deal,
"Exit Signs" was conceptualized as a character going back into her memory to help herself out of a dark place.
We hoped to contrast nostalgia and regret with two different colorations of an old film effect, then end with a technicolor present.

Produced, Directed, Shot & Edited
Daniel E. Martin

Associate Producer:
Billy Duchaney

Sarah Baucom

Written & Performed by
The March Divide



Video premiere: "Exit Signs" by The March Divide

"It’s about running away,” Putnam explains of how the song, like so many by The March Divide, reflects on leaving a past life behind. “My songs help me figure it all out, I think. I wouldn’t change a thing, and closure has been very hard for me, but I think I’m there.”

-- Big Takeover Exclusives, March 24th, 2016