- of the rad variety -

PartyHat Productions has been rooted in collaboration, stylistic quality, and sheer entertainment value since its genesis as a small comedy group in 2007.  Once founded as a legitimate company eight years later by producer/director Daniel E. Martin, these philosophies remain intact at the core of every project.

Whether it's an experimental music video, one-off short, or six-hour live stream, we give our all to make it as awesome as possible.

Let's create something Rad together.

Daniel E. Martin

Founding Member & Head of Production


Producer-Director-Shooter-Editor in Chief.  Certified Precision Driver.

Daniel has been enthralled by all manner of films for the majority of his life, and has dedicated the past decade to studying the craft of storytelling through media - becoming an award-winning filmmaker, award-nominated screenwriter, capable freelancer, post-production specialist, and radical dude.

A Magna Cum Laude graduate of the University of North Texas, he founded PartyHat Productions in 2015 and wants nothing more than to create awesome cinematic content full-time.


- demartin@partyhatproductions.org -

Twitter: @SirDMartin
Instagram:  @daniel.e.martin
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Billy Duchaney

Lead Photographer &
Creative Collaborator


Co-Producer.  Photographer.  Writer.  Tastemaker.

With formal musical training, chef & barista skills, international aid work, Hip-Hop//Breakdance teaching experience, a natural photographic eye, and an extensive knowledge of new & emerging pop-culture all within his repertoire, Billy is the quintessential Renaissance man.

A longtime artistic partner and best friend to Daniel since even before the inception of PartyHat in '07, Billy's sense of humor and unique way with words play a huge part in original content, production design, & business dealings of all types.


- bduchaney@partyhatproductions.org -

Photography Instagram:  @bduchphp
Personal Instagram:  @billyduch



Freelance Director & Creative Collaborator


West Coast Liason.  Ad & Marketing Specialist.  Independent Hip-Hop Artist.

The newest addition to the squad, Brian & Daniel began running together in 2012 while enrolled in the film program at the University of North Texas - often taking the same courses and undertaking similar projects.  Soon after, Billy moved to Denton, TX and the three became fast friends and held a mutual respect for one another's creative endeavors.

An accomplished writer-director of narrative film, Brian is now finishing his Master's of Journalism in Advertising and plans to help PartyHat explosively innovate the future of promotional media.

Not to mention, he's got a killer mixtape.


- banthone@partyhatproductions.org -


Twitter: @geniusinsomniac
Instagram:  @geniusinsomniac