A hard-boiled blues rock anthem and fan-favorite from Nomad City, Honey's visual concept loosely follows
the singer's journey from victim of objectification to renegade, individual empowerment.

An interesting use of metaphor comes in the form of our two main visual gimmicks:
Honey as a symbol of sexually-charged oppression, and Snakes as a symbol of overcoming fear and manipulation,
whereas both hold equal connotations of temptation & deception.

Production on this was fantastically fun, shot at Soundcheck Austin in a matter of hours.
Good times trying to get Britny over her phobia of her slithery co-stars: Moxie and Spaghetti.
We even invented a honey-vodka cocktail.  Ask Ray Kainz about it.


Daniel E. Martin & Nomad City

Billy Duchaney & Daniel E. Martin

Edited by Stephen James Morrison

Written, Recorded by, and Starring
Nomad City

Special Thanks:
AJ Angelone (for wrangling Spaghetti), Tyler Brown (for bringing Moxie),
and Garrett Brown for the space at Soundcheck Austin




Video Premiere: Nomad City – “Honey”

"Nomad City’s single, “Honey” is the raw rock sound that people have been craving with a modern fresh feel. It’s dirty, covered in attitude, catchy guitar riffs and edgy, choral vocal hooks."

Sean Gonzalez, NewNoiseMagazine.com, July 27, 2017